Month: July 2023

To The Rain

I woke up early this morning to prepare for a round of golf that my golf buddies and I have been so excited about. It’s been forever since we played -two weeks, I think. But it rained hard. Very hard. Hard to not-notice. Hard to pretend it’s just a drizzle, it will be sunny in …

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Mi Familia

Here’s an artist’s rendition of my family. Not too accurate but some details cannot be denied. The one with the hairless head resembles me. I mean, it’s supposed to be me. If you got this one wrong, you may offend 75% of this household. Them, the rest of the family who still buy, keep, and …

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Daily Grind

One day. I had a scheduled meeting at 2:00 pm. Thirty minutes prior, I felt sleepy. So I reclined my chair, lifted my legs, and dozed off. My laptop did the same. At exactly 2:00 pm, Nikkei woke me up for the meeting. Still giddy from the power nap, I woke my machine up, put …

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